Winterflucht – Via Ciclista de Lanzarote

Winterflucht, Rennradfahren auf Lanzarote auf perfekter Straße bei super Wetter, das ist Traumradeln :-).

Bitte bleibt neugierig.

Rubjerg Knude – Sand in my shoes

A song by Dido is called „Sand in my shoes“. I thought of this song on the way to our today’s special point of interest. We visited the sandy lighthouse of Rubjerg Knude. With our bicycles it was a hard hike to the lighthouse.


The lighthouse of Rubjerg Knude was built in 1900. In 1968 the lighthouse had to be switched off because its light was not seen at the sea. What was happened?


The stormy wind in Rubjerg Knude piled up a dune of 90 (!) meters high that buried the lighthouse and the outbuildings. The nature was so strong. Nothing helps to stop the sand. Today the lighthouse of Rubjerg Knude is one of the best-visited tourist attractions with a fantastic view over the area.


The dunes are always moving by the wind and we are always moving with our bicycles. But we take in our shoes a little bit of sand with us.

Please stay curious.
… und morgen machen wir eine kleine Kreuzfahrt.