Our Great Glen Way – United we conquer

Glen, our Guestfather in Spean Bridge, stoped at the Commando Memorial. The Commando Memorial is dedicated to the men of the british commando forces in world war II.


Here in the Scottish highlands were their training grounds.


Men from many nations, including Germans, also trained the landing of the sea. In the forest we saw the remains of a model of a British landing craft. Today, the wooden side walls no longer exist. The landing craft had 4 men crew and could transport 36 soldiers. In front of the model, there were water trenches. Under these conditions, the landing flap was opened and the soldiers had to dig through the water trenches. These exercises have been a reality during the landing in Normandy.

In the evening we sat with Glen and other guests from Ireland and England in the salon on immaculately heavy furniture at the crackling fireplace. It was exactly the way you are imagining it.

We talked about the results and impact of elections (Brexit, Bundestag election), separatist efforts (Catalonia, Scotland) and „the biggest tank battle ever“. We agreed, the world is crazy and it would be good to learn from history.

In the morning we were welcomed by Scottish Autumn. We received a small package from Suzanne, our guestmother.


The home-baked cake from Suzanne tested great. After Loch Lochy came Loch Oich and River Oich.


We hiked to Fort Augustus to Loch Ness.

Would we see Nessi?

We’ll reveal this in the next post. Please remain curious.

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